Boyd Petersen
Business Profit Coach, Author, Public Speaker, Trainer

Boyd works with newspapers to help them make more money, new business startups to help them get started the right way with the knowledge they need to start a successful business and with business owners that need help with knowing what marketing will help them and what is a waist of time.

Who is Boyd Petersen?

“Yes – I love balloon festivals. I have been to many. More than that, I love how they represent what marketing, with a plan, can mean to your business. Soar to new heights. Let me help you!”

Boyd grew up in the Riverton, Utah area and has been involved with business since he started selling night crawlers to fishermen and greeting cards door to door when a cub scout.

He went to school in marketing and computer engineering. He has worked for a national telephone distribution company as their marketing manager and has worked with several national expos including Comdex and the Consumer Electronic Show.

He has owned several businesses. Many of these businesses involved advertising his products and services. He was always frustrated with the lack of flexibility the advertising options offered at that time.

In 1998 Boyd and his wife Linda purchased the South Valley Journal. It had a circulation of 17,000 and covered Riverton, Herriman, Bluffdale and half of Draper. Immediately, he implemented programs that helped businesses manage their advertising dollars better. Flexibility of size and frequency was the key to giving businesses better control of their marketing message. He also jumped into working with the local Chambers to not only build his own business but help other businesses. He changed the name to The Valley Journals and started 2 new newspapers in 2001.

This spirit of working with other businesses has built a reputation for Boyd as the person to ask when you are looking for a quality company to work with. He is all about helping businesses, whether they advertise with him or not, connect with those that need their services. Some call it the Miracle on 34th Street marketing program.

This way of doing business has served Boyd well. The Valley Journals, ultimately included fourteen community newspapers plus a ski industry newspaper and an entertainment online program that is still growing today. The Valley Journals were sold in 2014 and are still in production as the City Journals.

Boyd has served on the boards for several Chambers, Utah Press Association and is on the conference committee for the Association of Free Community Papers (a national newspaper organization). He is the past chairman of two chambers and currently is a board of director for South Jordan Chamber.

In November 2015, Boyd finished his first business book, Beyond Hot Air Marketing. It’s all about setting up your own marketing plan and implementing it. It is designed to help get the plan developed and gives several marketing and advertising example and how they can be used in business. Go to for more details. This book is being updated now for release in February 2018.

Boyd has also written several short stories about people in Bethlehem at the time of Christ’s birth. These are now in a book called Tales of Bethlehem. His next fiction work will be a time travel novel based in Ireland.

His next business book will be about building an online business. It is mostly done but is being added to and edited for publication in February 2018.

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