Balloon5Is it just hot air or is it marketing that works for you and your company?

“I know half my advertising dollars are wasted. I just don’t know which half.”
The department-store magnate John Wanamaker observed.

“Most marketing and advertising is like hot air. Great for a short time but doesn’t last. Add a hot air balloon (your marketing and advertising plan) and the hot air will give you ‘Lift Off!'”
Boyd Petersen – Owner of BP Media


What do you get when you combine:Signpost Product Overview
•Internet Business Directory Listings,
•Email Marketing,
•Text Messaging,
•Customer Reviews,
•Referrals and
•Customer Relation Management?

Have you ever wanted to get a program going that allows you to have almost everything covered in your marketing and you only had to spend a few minutes per week doing it (instead of over 2 hours per day)?

What if you could get a program that makes sure your internet business directories where all the same and helped bring more business to you and more traffic to your search engine results?

How about having an email program that sent customers thank you notes, follow-up reminders, referral asking, getting you to give you GREAT reviews on Google Plus, Yelp, Facebook and others?

How about a text messaging program that actually worked and didn’t cost you an arm and a leg?

Introducing Signpost – Click here for more information

Only offered in Utah by BP Media
Now you can do more with your day and get more customers, get more referrals, get better reviews and really build your business, GUARANTEED!*

 Social Media Marketing Programs

By planning your social and digital media marketing, you will improve your image and your bottom line!
By planning your social and digital media marketing, you will improve your image and your bottom line!

Are you on Facebook? Have a LinkedIn personal profile? Would you like to do things with YouTube or Twitter but don’t know how to start? How about Pinterest or Tumblr or Google Plus or InstaGram? Don’t worry. You’re in good company. 80% of businesses have started but don’t post often and don’t have a plan to make social media work for them. Many are only on one social media page and confused how to use just that.

They also aren’t sending newsletters or creating blogs to engage their customers. These programs can make a HUGE difference in your image and your bottom line! Let us help you put together a program that will work for your company. It can include many things or just one. When we are finished, we will help you get started or we can handle it all for you. From one post a week to several a day, social media does work when planned and implemented correctly.


 “What is Working?” programballonfestival 813

For those that have already got your marketing and advertising going but are unsure what is working and what isn’t. I will come and evaluate your business, marketing and advertising with a comprehensive evaluation and then I can put together a summary of what is working and what isn’t working.


The Marketing Plan

For those who want help putting a plan together but want to implement and manage it themselves, this is The Plan! We will complete a Needs assessment that will include what you have tried, who your competition is, who are you trying to reach and much more. A customized suggested roll out plan will then be provided for you to follow. This includes both marketing and advertising plans for your company.


Ballooning1Marketing Plan with some help

Same as above but we will help you get it going and then help you at a time you feel appropriate. This could be monthly, quarterly or as often as you you like. You can also have me keep track of what is working and what isn’t working with your plan.


Full Support Marketing Plan

Here we start with the complete needs assessment and then provide you with your customized plan. After your approval, we will begin implementing and monitoring the results. You will receive a report each month about the results you are getting. If there are changes that need to be made, we’ll check with you and then get them going as well. we can also recommend when it is time to expand your marketing efforts as your company grows.


Marketing Budget Program

Need to figure out what your budget should be and where you are going to get the money from? This helps you plan and implement a budget based on your type of company and your profitability (or lack there of). This can be added to any of the marketing plans and is inexpensive for most companies.


Don’t see what you are needing? Need a customized program? Call or email us.

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