The Business Startup Power Plan

Plan to succeed in business


Startup Blueprint Canvas – the next generation of business canvas and business planning

Power Plan

& our exclusive 10 week training program

 The Three Elements of the Business Startup Power Plan and your success:


2. The Power Plan – A checklist that guides you through the process of preparing to launch a business and allows you to check off the things you complete in the Startup Blueprint Canvas.

3. Training – Entrepreneurs love to do things on their own but have found that having a guide to teach them is invaluable for getting to the goal line (starting their business) faster. Our classes start once per month at different times each month. Plus you get to listen to the recording of each of these webinars over and over as you need (great if you can’t make on of these live webinars). It is ten weeks of training and discussion that will help you build your business fast and with the tools to help it not just succeed but be profitable as well. More information is below.


Check out these videos that will help you with your business:



More about Startup Blueprint Canvas – Business canvas programs, which guide entrepreneurs in business planning, have been around since the early 2000s but they don’t teach entrepreneurs all the things they need to do and learn to start a successful business.

Now, Utah Forge introduces Startup Blueprint Canvas, the next generation of business canvas designed to take the entrepreneur from the idea and purpose stage all the way through the actual startup. The Startup Blueprint is designed for inexperienced entrepreneurs and startups. Each Activity within the Startup Blueprint provides essential reference material to eliminate costly and time consuming user training. The interactive Blueprint model is learned “by doing” – Just follow the intuitive structure.

It then takes them through the decisions that business owners should make before they start their business and verify that they can find success with their idea and company.

The canvas, if followed completely, is designed to help the entrepreneur make the right decisions, talk to prospects before putting out money, plan and adjust his/her offerings to address the customer’s problem or need, begin the marketing plan to talk to the customers, figure out the what the competitors are doing and build a better solution.


Startup Blueprint Canvas
is a creation of Utah Forge, LLC


The Startup Blueprint Canvas is really three canvases that go together to be the complete program.

There are currently two versions of the Startup Blueprint Canvas:

  1. Standard version of Startup Blueprint Canvas – Free version gives you the cells and in electronic form, there are pop up helps to guide you to put the right a appropriate information in each cell. It is much like other canvases but with built in help. Download this version below.
  2. Enhanced Startup Blueprint Canvas – This version includes tools, resources and examples found on the internet that help you with each cell. These helps guide you even farther into the process of creating a viable, validated and properly structured business, that will help you succeed, pivot or realize it isn’t something that others will purchase. Currently as a PDF version and soon as a full online software version that will store the collected information for you.

 Check out this video that tells you more about the Startup Blueprint Canvas:


 Trainings and downloads

Free version Startup Blueprint Canvas:

Download free version of Startup Blueprint Canvas:SB-EnhQuickConceptCanvas
This free version of Startup Blueprint Canvas is complete with helps to teach you what is wanted in each cell. When you download this (and all versions) you will also get a free monthly newsletter to keep you updated on any new or updated information and ideas that other new start-ups have suggested. Click here to download Startup Blueprint Canvas.

If at any time you want to opt out of the newsletter, you may do so at the bottom of each of our emails.
Training for free version of Startup Blueprint Canvas:
Training for the free version of the Startup Blueprint Canvas. This three week course (four 90 minute classes over a three week period) will describe in more detail how to use this innovative canvas. Available monthly.

The Business Startup Power Plan – This is the one that entrepreneurs love and trust

It includes:

1. Enhanced Startup Blueprint Canvas (only available with this training program)
2. Training program for Enhanced version of Startup Blueprint Canvas:
This is a build your new startup program offered exclusively here at BP Media. It includes 10 – 90 minute training web-classes and the download of the Enhanced Startup Blueprint Canvas with its extended helps, tools, resources.
3. Power Plan – the checklist to help you know how close you are to achieving a successful business launch. It help you not miss any of the steps. It is a power plan to success and profit.

Live Seminar Training:

One day live Startup Blueprint Canvas training / workshop – 8 hours of training – This event is for those that just can’t wait to get going. It is a workshop that teaches all you’ll need to know and what you need to do to complete your Startup Blueprint Canvas but you will have to do the validation part outside of the conference. There will be some soft-validation done in the workshop. It is the fastest way to get going with your business ideas. The next training / workshop date is being scheduled.


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