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– Building your business is what my business is all about. There are generally two to three seminars taught each month. Attend any of these free or low cost seminars (Chambers have theirs with a lunch). Check back often for additional seminars.

Check out the schedule to the right for classes being taught. Some of these topics are only taught once per year.


Game On – Coaching Winning Teams

coachingoversmWhat is the difference between a Sales Manager and a Sales Coach? Can they be the same person but more effective when combined? How can a Customer Service Center that uses teams rather than groups get stronger, more customer oriented agents? Businesses Managers that manage by coaching, motivating and helping with personal development find greater loyalty and more productivity than when they used a structured, regimented program. How does coaching a team of people make a BIG difference when working with people that should be self managed?

In today’s fast paced business world, with all the new technology available, it has become harder to manage people. Virtual offices and larger teams make it hard to manage those that have potential but can’t keep up with the others on their team. No matter whether you manage a call center, sales team, marketing team or an entire business, managers that coach is the new way to get more out of your employees and keep them longer because of the loyalty you will build.

This webinar will teach you about how to start coaching, how to get buy-in and what steps you need to take to get a great team. This is great for sales managers, business executives and current team coaches that want to know more or be reminded of what to do and be inspired to continue coaching.


SocialMedia copyEight Social Media Sites That Can Help Your Business And How To Use Them.

There are many more than these eight social media sites but these eight sites are the largest and every business person should know how, if they need, to use them. Just understand that they aren’t for every business. Get examples and information about each. Some may surprise you regarding how to use them.

Click here to see a 40 minute presentation on this. This was done at Entrepreneur Launch Pad in May and was recorded live.

There are also several blogs on this topic at


How to take my idea for a product or service and make it into a LeanCanvas1business success?

Over the years a few new tools have arrived that help us with this very question. Do you know what Lean Canvas is all about? How does it apply to the Business Model Canvas? What is an Investor Canvas? Do we need business plans like we used to present to banks and others we want to get a loan from?

Today there are more tools to help us be stronger entrepreneurs but many people come up with an idea and start a business without knowing how to make sure it is a solid idea and will sustain a business. Almost 50% of these businesses fail within one year, yet with these tools and knowing which ones to use, you can increase your odds of success.

Boyd teaches this at Entrepreneur Launch Pad which is now teaching these principles and would be glad to help you understand what even MBAs don’t understand about today’s start-up companies.


How do you get GREAT testimonials and online reviewsTestimonial

How do you get great testimonials? Can you ask for them? Should you help them with the wording? What makes a great testimonial? How can you get customers to give you a great review on Google + or Yelp? Should you have them do it while they are at your company location? How do you handle a review when it is critical of your company?

All these will be answered and more. There is a trick, that isn’t about tricking people, to get great testimonials and reviews. It is about giving better customer service and asking for a great review or testimonial.



TrafficUpdatedLaser-focus your advertising and marketing to get the best results possible!

Many people start their advertising with one thing that they can afford. As it works, they add on another and then maybe some marketing. How do these each bring more people to you as buyers? What is your focus centered on for your business?

It is sad to see businesses not taking the best advantage of their marketing and advertising dollars by not focusing them. How do you focus them? Drive your traffic to one place. This program talks about the many places available for focusing your marketing and advertising and how you can double your results by focusing them.

Boyd Petersen presents on how to get a plan together get your advertising to bring you a bigger bang for your money. There will be examples of how to bring business to each type of media and the advantages of using them for your business.


Digital Media Marketing is Internet Marketing
Digital Media Marketing is Internet Marketing

How do you use Digital Media to build your business now?

How many types of digital marketing are there? Should you be using them all? What can you use to create a bigger buzz about your business? How does Social Media fit into digital media? How much should I spend with digital media and social media to build my business?

All of this and more are answered in this 45-minute class that really gets you started with a few great types of digital and social media marketing. You can then add to the best for you to enhance your marketing as you grow.

There is also a blog on this at




YelpBPMediaOnline Directories and how to use them to build your  business

Just as yellow page directories were important in the 1980s and 90s, internet business directories are important today. Learn how to use them to build your online community when you are a business to consumer type business. How can you use them to get better search results for your business and build an email and text messaging program that will bring more business contacts for you to market to?

There is also a blog on this at



TextingWant more business? Invite your customers back again and again.

During a down or challenging economy, getting new customers is very important. It is also important to get those people who have already used your products or services to come back.

How can you do this? – Want the statistics to this?

I find it so surprising that many businesses spend lots of money on getting new customers but fail to get info to invite their customers to come back in. They are the people that have kept you in business and they know what you are all about. There is no selling them on how good you are (hopefully), so why not get them to come back more often?

There is also a blog on this at

NetworkMarketingHow many salespeople do you want? How to use network marketing groups.

How can sending a salesperson to an effective network marketing meeting multiply your sales. It’s not about selling to them but educating them on who you are looking for and how other salespeople can ask for leads for you and watch for signs that they are ready to talk to you. It’s also about finding the right network marketing group to join.



ToBlogThings To Do To Increase My Business Now

You will learn about twelve things that you as a business owner/manager can do right now to get more business. This 60-75 minute seminar will give you ideas on how to jump start your marketing. Many of these things won’t cost you anything.

  • Update/create an advertising budget – Don’t buy everything that comes along – Choose wisely.
  • Get and/or update your website – Things to make your website more relevant to your clients so that you will get business from it.
  • Do you Blog? You should and I will discuss how often and how to get followers.
  • Using landing pages to increase your visibility on the internet – What are they and how to use them effectively
  • How to use coupons in both print and on the internet to bring in customers – Also how to not use discounts to bring in customers.
  • Get offers, specials and special promotions on mobile phones – Don’t discount yourself out of business, either.
  • How to get testimonials for your business & how to use them effectively. Are you getting them put on relevant testimonial sites?
  • Get listed on more relevant business listing sites. Go to our special webpage for a sample list of these:
  • Get more involved and more results with social media
  • Learn how to get your website ranking higher for you to get better organic search results by using some simple tools and products. SEO
  • Use viral marketing to build your business
  • New technologies like video emails, internet videos (YouTube), and other viral marketing



Greater Customer Service by understanding your Inside Reality vs Outside Perception

Many people don’t know how lacking their customer service is until it is too late.

This isn’t your usual customer service training.

This is about what makes you different to other competitors.

The things that should make a difference to your customers. How you need to help your customers know about who you are and what makes you the best choice for doing business with. This is a part of the Monopolize your Marketplace seminar but expanded. “If you build it, they will come,” doesn’t work if the prospective customer doesn’t know all that you do. How many times has a customer said to you, “I didn’t know that you offered that too!”

This presentation is a marriage of marketing and greater customer service. Want more of your customers to come back more often?This will help your company with better customer service and help you to keep those people who have already tried you and your products or services.



Advertising Pros & Cons

From TV to business cards, from Chamber to promotional products, what are the pros and cons of each type of advertising. No one advertising medium is right for everyone. Choose wisely by knowing the limitations of each medium.



Marketing Your Business 101

We begin with budgets, building a plan and implementing the plan. Then on to the nuts and bolts: Not all marketing needs to be expensive. There are many types of marketing including permission marketing, mobile marketing, network marketing, direct mail marketing, word of mouth marketing, advertising and more will be covered.



Smarter Marketing for a Challenging Economy

Many businesses are faced with cutting back or not survive. Marketing is one of the worst areas to do your cut backs in. We have seen several businesses fail because they were cutting back on marketing to save money and their clients slowly drifted away as well. Rather than cut back in marketing, let’s help you market smarter. What four elements should be used and how to make any marketing program or advertising more successful. What offers should I use and will customer respond to? Let us help you keep your customers, target new prospects and find better stronger, more loyal customers.



Getting the most out of a trade or consumer show.

Planning on a show at an expo? What will make it successful for you, even though everyone else may find it slow? Is it the right show for you? Taking ownership of the show for your company will make a big difference. Includes booth designs (easy to elaborate), appropriate give-a-ways, getting attention to your booth and follow-up after the show.



Choosing the right ads for the right advertising medium

(take after Advertising Pros and Cons)

Have you had an ad that works great in one place but bombs out in another? Or maybe you have proven an advertising medium but some ads just don’t work. You must figure out what is the right ad for the right advertising medium. This class teaches about the eight type of ads, what size should they be and how to use them effectively.



Using offers that build business

  • How effective is a 50% off coupon verses a ½ price coupon?
  • Do you always have to discount to get people in your door?
  • What offers give the biggest bang?
  • What offers should your company use?

These questions and more are explored in this 45-60 minute class. Want more customers without discounting the heck out of your products? We can help you understand how to do it and succeed.

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