Here are several white papers for you to download. They are on various topics. See the complete list:


8Social Media Cover8 Social Media Sites and How to Use Them In Your Business

There are many more than these eight social media sites but these eight sites are the largest and every business person should know how, if they need, to use them. Just understand that they aren’t for every business. Get examples and information about each. Some may surprise you regarding how to use them.


E-Books and Self Publishing 101WhitePaperCover.crtr

A white paper on e-books and self-publishing books. This free download gives you advice from the idea stage through choosing the title. From the cover to making money. There are several useful marketing ideas; including how to get more buzz going for your book and getting it featured on book sites to get others to pay attention and buy the book.


WritingWhitePaperWriting a White Paper for a Specific Market

This is all about getting information to a specific market and getting the person or people involved in that market to read your white paper. In it, you need to talk to the reader about what is important to them and then introduce them to the additional information you have to share. This will share with you the way to decide on the topic, promotion of the white paper, getting a email list, building buzz about the white paper and connecting with the people you are writing this for on an ongoing basis.

 Free Internet Directory ListingsBizListingSalsaLeedos

This is a listing of Internet directory pages that you should set your business up on.  

Check back for more titles that are coming.

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