21 Secrets to Social Media Marketing for Small Business 

This is a repost of a great article/Infographic. There is also a link to go to the original post.

21 checklist to social media marketingSocial media marketing is about more than just gaining followers, friends, and likes. It can be difficult. 

But there are key, fundamental tasks that you need to be doing. These are essential steps you need to take to move beyond the basics and into generating actual leads from your social efforts.

Outlining this, Tonya Burge from Your Marketing Lady has created this in-depth infographic on the key social media marketing elements you need in order to formulate an effective social media marketing plan.

Burge advises that brands need to first establish their business presence, then move beyond this by utilizing effective calls to action, providing customer service, and driving traffic to your website.

The graphic serves as a solid social media marketing blueprint – you can check out the full post here which includes the graphics. 

1. Know Who You’re Targeting

2. Use The Right Social Media PlatformsProfile

3. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles For Business

4. Build Your Brand On Social Media

5. Keep Your Branding Consistent

6. Connect With Influencers On Social Media

7. Let Your Fans Promote You

8. Run Contests And Deals

9. Post The Content Your Followers Want

10. Use Social Media Advertising

11. Use A Call To Action

12. Provide A Freebie Or Special Offer

13. Make Sure To Be Social

14. Show Your Personality

15. Ask for the Business

16. Provide Customer Service

17. Create And Use Hashtags

18. Search For Mentions Of Your Business On Social Media

19. Spy On Your Competition

20. Drive Traffic To Your Website

21. Build Your Email List Using Social Media Marketing

I love what Tonya tells you about getting more business for your business.

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