Digital Marketing Programs

Digital Marketing is all about bringing traffic to your business!

You want to be in the traffic on the left when you're going home. You want the traffic on the right coming to your Business!

Retarget Marketing


Your Websites Are Losing More Than 96% Of Your Site’s Visitors And You’re Not Able To Market To Them After They Have Left. We Can Help You Bring Them Back.

What is retargeting, and how can your website get 10x the results?

Good question! It is about doing what Amazon and other retailers have been doing for years. After you visit their site, you find that they are showing you ads for the things you were looking at on their websites.

Until now, it has been expensive. NO MORE!!

We have plans for your website to get 3-4X your prospects to buy immediately and to bring back the others over the next 90 days!

Competitor Hyper Local Mobile Marketing


What if you could invite all of your competitor’s visitors to come to your business. It can be done and you can then target them for up to 90 days with offers, reputation reviews, and branding ads.

This is great for competitors that have foot traffic to their locations.

Complementary Targeted Hyper Local Marketing

Who Has The Same Customers That You Want To Work With?

We can target businesses that have the people you would love to work with and invite them to work with you as well. 

For a Chiropractor it might mean you want to target customers of health food, nutrition and supplement stores, or maybe physical and massage therapists.

Interest Based Target Marketing

Market to those where they like to hang out. Places like sports sites, news, weather, business, gardening, baking, or any other area that has websites designed just for these people. We can market on these websites for less than PPC.

Demographic Marketing

This is like what you can do with Facebook, Instagram, and others. Tell us what demographics are great for your products or services and we’ll match them to our places where you can advertise. This is stronger than using just one social media site for targeting. You can target all across the internet.

URL Target Marketing

Competitor’s and non-competitor’s websites are great for marketing to 

Instead of using physical locations, we are using website URLs to give them offers and ads. For both online and local businesses, this is great.

Time Lapse Target Marketing

How would you like to get a message to everyone that has visited a business in the last 12 months. That is what Time Lapse Targeting is all about. There are some limitations to this but worth it to get your message out. Some even use this for their own location to invite back those that haven’t been in for some time.

Reputation/Review Marketing

What Is Reputation Review Marketing?

Are you receiving online reviews or even email testimonials? If you are getting these and they are great, why aren’t you letting others know about them?

If you need to get more reviews, we can help. Then when you have the reviews that are great 4 & 5-star reviews, you need to share them. We help you design them and get them out to tell the world how great your customers say you are.

Emails, Texts, and Facebook Messenger

Get your customers to connect with you and use your services more of often

Get your known prospects to get to know you better and want to do business with you.

Email Marketing


Facebook Messenger marketing

Text Messaging Marketing

With text messaging, this is one of the best ways of inviting your customers back more often. Let’s say you have a restaurant, spa or hair salon. You can invite your customers to come back when you’re having a slow day. You can also invite them back when you have something special that they are looking for. Here are three examples of companies I have worked with:

The Bakery
See the article to the right called “The Bakery.”
They didn’t just double their sales but had many months that were over 4x what they had before.

The Restaurant

Also see the article to the right of here.

The Coach



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