Social Calendaring

This is a training on how to use calendaring for social media posting.

Finding what to say every day can be hard. You’ve posted several times this week and you feel like you are running out of things to say. That’s natural.

I have found using my recipe for success and combine it with using a calendar, I don’t have to think about it very often.

What is calendaring and why should I use it

When my kids were young, we had them make dinner once per week. We found that if we left it to them to decide on what to fix, they waited until the last minute to decide what to fix and it was the easiest thing they could think of. We had mac and cheese, Top Raman noodles, and canned chili often.

My wife started putting together a calendar of what to fix. We also made sure we had the ingredients for the meals in our pantry. This calendaring helped us have better meals and the kids knew what they were making and usually enjoyed the experience after we did this.

It’s the same with posting on social media. If I was to tell you to do the following, it would be easier to figure things out:
Monday: Conversational posts
Tuesday: Educational posts
Wednesday: Entrepreneurial posts

Thursday: Promotional posts

Friday: Motivational/Inspirational posts

Weekend: Recreational/Funny

Start by putting these on the top of the calendar.

Now take the Recipe for Social Media Success and use the categories to figure out what you will post. You will have 5-7 ideas in each category. Mix the posts from each category up and you have 6 weeks of posts that will be easy to do.

Every Monday you will do a survey, poll, fill in the blank, This vs. That, questions, or ask for advice posts. Choose which will be for each week. It is so easy to do.

Repeat for the other day so of the week. If you run into a problem, swap the post for one day for the next week.

If all else fails, use the social calendar to help you fill in days (National hot dog day or National hug your sister day – there are some days with several of these “holidays”). Yesterday was National Egg Roll Day. Did you get an egg roll for your local Chinese restaurant (or 7-11)?

I use this calendaring formula for many of my customers. I will sometimes move the days around. I will put a quote on Wednesday one week and Thursday the next.

For one of my Chiropractic clients, I post some things for them on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They then decide in their office when it will be the Chiropractor’s, the massage therapist’s, and the nutritionist’s turn to post. They post on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the third some other day of the week. The office manager keeps them on task to get a photo or video customer review for each of them each week. Now it has become a habit for both the staff and the patients.

You get the idea. Now you can easily come up with a way to get a post done every workday. Spread it out if you want to do every day of the week.

What do you think of this idea?
Want more calendaring ideas?

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