Retargeting: What It Is and Why You Need to Be Doing It

Retargeting to get your customers to come back and purchase from you.

Retargeting explained and how you can take advantage of it

You’ve seen them before. Those ads seem to follow you around the internet no matter what website you visit. They’re called retargeting or remarketing ads, and they can be a very effective way to reach customers who have already shown an interest in your product or service. In this blog post, we will discuss what retargeting is, why you need to be doing it, and how you can get started!

So, what exactly is retargeting?

97% of people who visit your site for the first time leave without buying anything, and then they’re lost forever. Unless you can bring them back. Retargeting is how you bring them back. Maybe you sent an email but got very little response. Retargeting can keep touching these people with the information that caused them to open the email. 

Here is an example of how retargeting works: I went online a couple of years ago, looking for inline skates for my daughter. I checked two major retailers and found some. I didn’t purchase them because I wanted to talk them over with my wife. As I went into Facebook, Pandora, and several other sites, These two retailers showed me ads for these inline skates. One actually showed me other brands and styles and we ended up purchasing one of the other styles than what I had originally found. One retailer really stood out because they didn’t just try to sell me on the one that I had found but showed me others to compare. More on that later.

Retargeting to get your customers to come back and purchase from you. Put simply, retargeting is the practice of serving targeted advertisements to individuals who have previously interacted with your brand online. These are the people that have visited your website or have opened your emails. This can also include people who have engaged with your social media accounts, or those who have taken specific actions such as filling out a form or adding items to a shopping cart on your site.

Why should you be utilizing retargeting in your advertising strategy? For one, retargeted ads have been shown to have a higher conversion rate than traditional display ads. Additionally, retargeting allows you to personalize and tailor your messaging to individuals who have already demonstrated an interest in your brand

To get started with retargeting, first, you need to set up retargeting pixels on your website. Then, you can start building retargeting lists based on the actions taken by visitors. From there, you can create targeted ad campaigns to reach these individuals with personalized messaging.

Where can these ads be placed?

Another great question. We have a network of places you can place the ads for less than half of what it costs for PPC ads. Some of these include, CNN, Yahoo, ESPN, The Weather Channel, WebMD, Reader’s Digest, Pandora, Trip Advisor, Business Week, Cosmopolitan, and many business, gaming, and search sites. They can also be either banner ads or videos for many of these sites. 

What type of ads should I use to retarget prospects?

Usually, there are three things the prospect may be looking for. They may be looking for a multiple of these three or all three. They are looking for a deal or offer, They may be looking to see how reputable you are, and/or a specific product or service. So place offer ads, reputation ads, and branding ads to get the best results from your retargeting efforts. We recommend 10 ads to be used over a 90-day period rotating between these three types of ads to minimize ad blindness (when someone sees the same ad over and over and they don’t even see it anymore).

Overall, implementing retargeting into your advertising strategy can provide a major boost to conversions and overall profitability. Don’t be afraid to give it a try!

If you are ready for some professional help getting your retargeting up and running. Give us a call!

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