Master Your Social Media

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Master Your Social Media

I’m going to tell you something my competitors DON’T want me to tell you…..

… Outsourcing social media doesn’t work — at least not when you’re starting out.

The best way to master social media is to do it yourself. You MUST master it before handing the working system to someone else.

WHY should I master my social media before hiring someone else to do it for me?

Good question.

Do you hire an employee without knowing the job and what you will expect from them? So you should do the same for Social Media but it is more important than many things you may want to hire someone for.

Master Your Social MediaA recent survey showed that an agency or an employee that has been handed the job to get more prospects for a client on social media is only 12-65% as effective as when a business owner has done the work and found what works best for his/her customers. Knowing who the customers are, what they are looking for, and how to communicate your unique value proposition is the key element here.

I’m sorry, but most agencies are great at following instructions and throwing ideas out but don’t know the market you are targeting. They may think they do and may have other clients in that market, but unless the owner or manager keeps track and has their prospects dialed in, it is a crapshoot. You need to master your social media before letting them handle it.

How well do you know your customers? I hope you know them very well.

You’ve talked to them. Trouble shooted with them. You have become friends with many of them. You want to keep them for life.

The next step is to get to know where they hang out online. What do they love to read about or watch videos about that you can provide?

We found that while many customers go to Facebook most of the time for several of our customer’s clients, we found that it was 

Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube that they went to more to find out about products they were interested in. They paid very little attention to ads on Facebook because they were in friends and family mode (not business mode) when they were there.

Now, if you own a restaurant, mortgage, or some other ultra-personal company, Facebook does work for marketing both organic and paid ads. Don’t get me wrong.

It’s just that I find that auto repair shops, real estate, HVAC, Painters, Roofers, new products, visual products or services, and more will find their prospects on other social media platforms and will be more receptive to your offers and education there. The ones mentioned as working with Facebook will also work great with other platforms as well.

You, as the business owner, can get this information easily by just talking to your current customers.

Knowing your customers will help you know who your best prospects are and where to find them.


Many people ask me what they need to find out. Here’s a partial list depending on your company, product, or service (some you will ask a customer and some you need to answer):

What is their pain point?

What is your solution to that pain point?

What is your Unique Value Proposition (or Unique Sales Proposition)?

Do you have case studies that will help tell the story of what you offer?

What has helped your current customers find you?

Why did they buy from you over anyone else?

How can you build a case for your prospects to show that you have the best solution for their problem?

Where do they hang out online for you to put your message in front of them?

Are videos more effective in getting your message out?

Do your customers like before and after photos?

And more


But how do you go about learning how to master your social media (you ask)?

Once you have this information, start posting to your clients and then to your prospects.

You will need to measure the success of each campaign. Use three or four campaigns to see how each works. Tweak and retest.

If you need some training on digital and social media marketing, check out our weekly training programs. You can see what is coming up by going to (we do take some time off in the summer and over Christmas. The schedule will alert you to these times off).

Need tools to do this?

We have a program that gives you three valuable tools to start this process.


  • A program that allows you to schedule your post weeks or more in advance. This allows you to create your posts anytime and post them at strategic times. You can also do a whole week’s worth of posts at once but have them drop to up to seven of the most popular social media programs.
  • Training – there are about 20 hours of training but you won’t need it all. You pick and choose what you need after the initial training. If you need help in understanding the various types of videos that Instagram has, we have that. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google My Business, and Tumblr are the seven types of social media we support. We also have new content being readied regarding Clubhouse, TikTok, Alignable, and more.
  • We have three weekly posts that you can use to break up the posts you put in so it has some additional flair and flavor. These include Motivational Monday, Quote of the Week, and Engaging Friday.

You will have complete control over viewing, editing, and deleting any of our posts for you.

We also have a resource center on our website with lots of additional tools for creating posts, doing webinars, and much more.

Once you learn to Master Your Social Media, then you can pass it on to someone else or an agency knowing what needs to be done and can give them clear directions of how to talk with and to your prospects and customers.

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